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I feel like I’m inviting you through the front door of my HOME so we can get to know each other. What’s your family’s story? What’s your season? Maybe you’re sending your last child off to kindergarten with a confusing mixture of celebration and grief. Maybe your teen is in high school and you’re suddenly overwhelmed with the reality that you have only two summers left. Or possibly, your child’s journey to independence has created some broken places in your relationship which makes you wonder if it will ever be good again. Yet, you simply can’t imagine your family with one person missing when your teen moves out.

Whether you are in a difficult or sweet season in your family relationships, you will find encouragement here. I’ve navigated through all these places; Loving and Letting Go challenges have shaped my family story and grown my faith deeper. Here I offer you some books, stories and resources about these challenges. In “Morning Musings,” you’ll find ongoing reflections about this journey through family transitions, and an opportunity for conversation. I hope you will feel known and understood here, and come back to visit often.

xoxox, Carol

Preparing For the Time Your Teen Leaves Home

Our goal is to prepare our children for life beyond
our homes but we’re filled with questions:
Will they be ready to go?
Will we be ready to let them go?
How can we encourage and accept their independence?
What do we need to do?

This best-selling book, newly revised and updated, has helped thousands of families navigate this emotional season, through stories, research and plenty of practical applications.

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